"IDENTITIES" Journal Vol 13

Vol: 13
Pages: 164
Format: PDF
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ISSHS is proud to announce the issuing of the 13th volume of the Journal for Gender, Politics and Culture “Identities.” This issue is supported by the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Southeast Europe and is part of the ISSHS project "School of Politics and Critique 2016" 

"Identities" vol.13 is available in print and online.


Silivia Federici 
Reproduction, Globalization and the New War Against Women 

Santiago Zabala 
The Anarchy of Hermeneutics: Interpretation as a Vital Practice 

Igor Jovanoski 
Laclau in The Balkans: Translating “Populist Reason” in an Illiberal Political and Cultural Context. 

Gal Kirn 
How to Return to Partisan Memory? 

Ana Blazheva 
Emotions and the Political: The Transformative Potential of Melancholy 

Maxwell Kennel 
Identity, Ontology, and the Two 

Felix Falczyk/Johanna Herschel 
Material for Economic Experience: Feminist Management

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