"Identities" Journal Vol. 14

Vol: 14
Pages: 166
Format: PDF
Short Description of current edition
ISSHS is proud to announce the issuing of the 14th volume of Identities: Journal for Gender, Politics and Culture. This issue is supported by the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Southeast Europe and is part of the ISSHS project School of Politics and Critique 2017.

The topic of the issue is "New Ideas in Marxist (Critique of) Political Economy: Theoretical and Internationalist Perspectives."

Identities, Vol.14, No. 1 is available in print and online.


Oxana Timofeeva
Hegel’s Master and Slave Dialectic Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Stanimir Panayotov
Capital without Value: The Soviet-Bulgarian Synthesis

Katerina Kolozova
Structure, Matter and Pure Form: Marx, Laruelle and Irigaray

Ray Brassier et al.
Pricing Time: Outline and Discussion on Suhail Malik’s “The Ontology of Finance”

Eszter Szedlacsek
Eurocrisis: The European Integration as a Neoliberal Project

Bozhin Traykov
Crisis, Neoliberalization and the Search for New Historic Bloc

Dušan Grlja
Taking the People vs. Power Bloc Antagonism Further: On Laclau’s Populist Reason and European Left’s Political Strategy

Grigoris Markou
The Left-wing Populist Revolt in Europe: SYRIZA in Power

Anna D’Ascenzio
Resistance Materials. Female Antagonism in the No-TAV Case

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