New issue of the Journal IDENTITIES

ISSHS is proud to announce the issuing of the 11th volume of the Journal for Gender, Politics and Culture “Identities.” This issue is supported by the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Southeast Europe
"Identities" vol.11, nr.1-2. "The Future of the Idea of the Left" is  available in print and online at
Jacques Ranciere
Skopje: Time, Narrative, and Politics
Katerina Kolozova
Metaphysics of Finance Economy
of its Radicalization as The Method
of Revoking Real Economy
Oxana Timofeeva
Unconscious Desire for Communism
Craig Gent
With Our Backs to the Future
Creston Davis
Organizing for Life
Artan Sadiku
Contracting a radical democracy in the
Balkans - The return of the people
as a possibility for a leftist
inauguration of politics
Gianni Vattimo and Santiago Zabala
How to Weaken the EU Frame
Tibor Rutar 
The Rise of the Right in Times
of Capitalist Crisis: A Materialist Explanation
Zdravko Saveski 
Trade Unions, Workers and the Protection
of Workers’ Rights: a Vicious Circle
with No Escape?
Conversation with Richard Seymour 
Perspectives of the left in Europe