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Book Review Titles

For reviewers:

If you are interested in reviewing one of the following books, please send to the editorial office:
- short narrative biography
- short CV listing your relevant publications 
- briefly describe your motivation to review the book (2-3 sentences) 

For publishers:

Identities accepts offers from publishers to receive book review copies directly. Publishers can also arrange to send review copies directly to interested and committed reviewers. 

Please approach the editorial office with offers for books you deem relevant to our journal's readership.


The following is a brief guide to humanities style of referencing applied by the journal "Identities." It is an adaptation of the "Chicago Manual of Style." For more information, please, consult the Chicago Manual of Style's latest edition.


When citing a book, include a full citation at the first reference to it in each chapter of your notes, even if your article has a bibliography. 

Full citations include: 

Author’s. editors, or translator’s name(s),
Title in full and in cursive
Number of volumes [if applicable]
(place of publication:
Publisher’s name,
Year of publication), 
Volume number [if any]:
Page number(s) that contain the information 

1. Quentin Skinner, Visions of Politics, 2 vols. (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2002), 1:456.

For a book with both an author and an editor or a translator, use the following style:
2. Berthold Litzmann, Clara Schumann: An Artist’s Life, trans. Grace E. Hadow (New York: Vienna House, 1972), 202

Short form for subsequent references or when a bibliography is present:
3. Skinner, Visions of Politics, 2:243

When citing an article in a contributor volume, please include in full references to it in your notes:

author’s name,
“full title of the article contributed,” in
title of book,
ed. editor’s name
(place of publication:
publisher’s name,
year of publication),
page number(s).

1. Donna J. Haraway, "A Game of Cat's Cradle: Science Studies, Feminist Theory, Cultural Studies,"  in Configurations (Maryland: The John Hopkins University Press, 2012) 59-71. 

Subsequent references:
2. Haraway, "A Game of Cat's Cradle: Science Studies, Feminist Theory, Cultural Studies,” 64. 

When citing an article in a periodical, please include in full references to it in your notes: 

author’s name, 
“title of article,” 
title of periodical 
issue no. [optional] 
(month and year of publication [month is optional but helpful]): 
page number. 

1. Christopher S. Mackey, “Lactantus and the Succession to Diocletian,” Classical Philology 94, no. 2 (1995): 205.

Note: Volume numbers should be arabic numerals, in roman type (not boldface or italic). 

Subsequent references:
2. Mackey, “Lactantus,” 205.

When citing a newspaper article, page numbers are almost never needed for contemporary papers, as multiple editions s preclude their accuracy. Also, the online versions of many newspapers require subscriptions and move articles to pay-to-read archives after a certain period of time; citation to online versions of most newspapers should be avoided. 

When citing a newspaper article, please include in full references to it in your notes:

reporter’s name [if byline given], “title of article,” 
title of newspaper, 
day, month, and year of issue.

1. Tamar Lewin, "Disability Requests Reflect Changes in Academics Testing Procedure,” New York Times, November 8, 2003. 

Subsequent references:
2. Lewin, "Disability Requests Reflect Changes in Academics Testing Procedure.”

Note: “Ibid.” may be used to refer to a single work cited in the note directly above. However, try to avoid long strings of these in the notes. If the source you are citing is discussed at length or if numerous quoted passages are used in your manuscript, add page spans in parentheses directly to the text.