Second Revised Edition of Katerina Kolozova's The Lived Revolution: Solidarity with the Body in Pain as the New Political Universal



Katerina Kolozova

The Lived Revolution: Solidarity with the Body in Pain as the New Political Universal

The monograph is part of the Series of Books in Theories of Identities 

Book details: ISBN 978-608-4755-10-4
Release date: 18 November 2016
Publisher: Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities - Skopje
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The book brings back the interest in the “radical concepts” in politics to the intellectual debate after 6 years. Kolozova builds on the hybridization of the epistemic stance of “radical concepts” inspired by Laruelle's "non-philosophy” and “non-Marxism” as well as the “realism” inspired by Žižek and Badiou. Kolozova explores these terms through the lenses of Judith Butler's politics of grief and “identification with the suffering itself.” Radical concepts, the political vision and the theory based on them, are always already succumbing to the "Lived" (Laruelle), to the singularity of the Event (Badiou), to the encounter with the "kernel of the Real" (Žižek) conditioning a political horizon and the grand and small political narratives taking place within it. The thesis of the book is that the instances of the "lived," the "event" or the "Real" can be inherently inter-connected by virtue of the category of the "experience" which is an instance of the sheer lived, the bare being subjected to an occurrence which is always already an instance of trauma.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Thinking the Political by Way of “Radical Concepts"
Chapter 2: The Location of Resistance: Persistence as its Nest
Chapter 3: Sheer Life Revolting: The Concept of Life and its PoliticalMeaning in Spinoza, Agamben, and Butler
Chapter 4: Solidarity in Suffering: A Possibility for a New Political Universal
Chapter 5: Violence: The Indispensible Condition of the Law (and the Political)
Chapter 6, or the Addendum: The Project of Non-Marxism: The Political as Thought-Force