Call for Papers: Identities, Vol. 16, No. 1 (2019)


Identities announces a new CFP for our next Vol. 15, No. 3 (2018). 

We are currently seeking well developed, publishable articles, essays and reviews which can undergo evaluation that is faster than the regular editorial process. Any material that falls in the general orientation and interest of the journal can be submitted, including interviews, translations, responses, etc. This does not mean that the material will not undergo peer-review, but means that the process will be much faster than our regular editorial process. To this end, your submitted material should be well developed to the extent to which it can directly go to peer review. 



- Submission of materials: Feb 28 (please do not send abstract -- submit only publishable, already written material)

- Selection results: March 15

- Peer-review process: March 20 - May 31

- Publication: late June 2019


Please note that as of this volume Identities collects APCs for submissions. Upon selection of your material, we will contact you to arrange the APCs. The APCs amount to a symbolic amount of 10 EUR which are payable upon selection results. The fee is meant to cover production and post-production of the issue and the articles, as well as covers proof-reading and editorial work on your piece.