Sciences, Philosophies, and the Question of Borders


  • Identities Journal for Politics, Gender and Culture Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities - Skopje
  • Anne-Françoise Schmid
  • Jeremy R. Smith



borders, philosophies, sciences, epistemology, ethics, modelization, pragmatics, philo-fiction


This essay contributes in part to the discussion of the concept of the border [frontière] and its relations between philosophies and sciences present within the work Épistémologie des frontières. It suggests that borders function as both a separation and a union between the domains of philosophies and sciences in their multiplicity. Borders are determinant in the times of interdisciplinarity, and such investigations are necessary because the accustomed links between philosophies and sciences can no longer be assumed. This essay proposes some hypotheses concerning methodology and the relation to the real to exercise a modelization as the articulation of multiple points of view. Modelization allows for the invention of democratic pragmatics of philosophy/philosophies towards a global re-evaluation of the relations that disciplines, such as the sciences and ethics, share with philosophy




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Journal for Politics, Gender and Culture, I., Schmid, A.-F. ., & R. Smith, J. . (2021). Sciences, Philosophies, and the Question of Borders. Identities: Journal for Politics, Gender and Culture, 18(1-2).

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