Reimagining the Oikos


  • Identities Journal for Politics, Gender and Culture Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities - Skopje
  • Zachary De Jong



subjectivity-centered thought, post-capitalism, oikos, oikonomia


We are currently living through a time in which the line dividing capital and state has dissolved behind repair, where free-market economics and rules of governance have become nothing more than a totality of bio-political control for capitalist and subjective fixes, and, where the distinctions between corporate hegemony, policy making, free-speech and mainstream media have become seemingly non-existent. This text attempts to act as a remedy to this by examining and analyzing some of the key tenets of what must be done in order to create a post-capitalist society, and move towards a reimagined oikos and oikonomia. It focuses largely on the necessity of moving away from subjectivity-centered thought, and towards a new form of materialist universality.




How to Cite

Journal for Politics, Gender and Culture, I., & De Jong, Z. (2021). Reimagining the Oikos. Identities: Journal for Politics, Gender and Culture, 18(1-2).

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